Monday, April 18, 2011

In debt (guest post)

Finance is not fun, ever.  Even for my father, who worked with numbers everyday for a very large company.  At the end of each of these days, he’d come home and cuss at the lingering budget numbers that would give him headaches long after he had left the office.  Usually a conversation about money and debt only serves to prompt anxiety and trigger depression . . . kind of like talking about weight, or those hazy college Saturday nights.  But the unfortunate reality is that sooner or later you have to deal with your debts.
Now that summer is rapidly approaching us, and the little ones will be home . . . all day . . . looking for trouble, the idea of saving money (let’s be honest, there’s something about warm weather that just coaxes the spender out of us – most likely it’s all that vitamin D that keeps us happy and carefree) seems a bit impossible.  Not to say it isn’t a daunting thing to consider at any point during the year, but at least during the other 9 months out of the year there aren’t sticky fingered little people fighting with each other.  Here are a few ideas to help bring in some income that don’t require the kids to be at school.
  • Sell your old/unwanted possessions.  This isn’t a new idea, but it’s rare that most people actually follow through on it.  Going through things, organizing, letting go, pricing, it’s all most definitely a process.  This can be three times the project if you have children, but let them have a say – get them into the habit of letting go of material things, that they no longer actually need or want, early.  When it comes to toys, donating may be an even better choice.  I once had a stuffed animal collection that I never touched, but couldn’t stand the thought of selling.  Who would these new owner’s be?  Would they be as neglectful as me?  But after visiting a local children’s hospital, I decided, much to my mother’s surprise, that I wanted to give them to the children there.  Regardless if you’re donating or selling, in the long run the purge will leave you with a clutter free space and mind, and if you’re lucky some extra bucks in your pocket too.
  •  Type/Proofread papers.  Doesn’t it seem like everyone’s in school or is going back to school to avoid dealing with these bad unemployment rates?  And where are these people getting the money to go back to school?  Well, they’re all taking out loans, which means most of them are still also working some sort of part-time job while pursuing their degree.  Not everyone has the time to type up and proofread their documents while juggling a job (or two!).  If you’re good with spelling and grammar, offer these services to them at an affordable rate.  They’ll be more than happy to pay for the help.  Set aside library time a few days a week, let the kids sit and read while you make money.
  • Baby-Sit.  Well, if you’re lucky (relatively speaking) to be home during the summer months (as my mother was), then you already know that not every mother is privy to such a gift.  Many parents are seeking a reliable and affordable alternative to mainstream daycare, which can get costly or, even more expensive, camp.  Not to mention the best benefit of all: instant cash.

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    Talking about debt is really unavoidable..i like your idea to earn extra income..nice post.

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